Lee Jungshin!
This is a tumblelog dedicated to the wonderful bassist, rapper, and super tall member of CNBlue- Lee Jungshin!

Name: Lee Jeong Shin
Position: Bassist
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: 1991/09/15
Height Weight: 186cm 66kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Rap, Bass
Attraction: Eyes

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CN Blue - Come On

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CNBLUE 3rd Mini Album [EAR FUN] Title song Hey You M/V Full Ver

cnblue live- IN MY HEAD ACOUSTIC VER- MTV Unplugged


JongHyun @ Bluestorm Bangkok PC

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Flower Rock~

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CNBLUE @ B=PASS (Mar 12)


CNBLUE @ B=PASS (Mar 12)

☆GOROGORO☆: [rough trans] CNBLUE on PATI PATI 2012 Feb Issue 



* this is not the latest issue *
* Sorry, now that March issue has been already published, it might be too late to translate… But I think this interview is worth reading ^^ hope you’ll enjoy this!

Interviewer: You performed “Where you are” at Yoyogi

What did CNBLUE do to look cool in front of girl group? 


 First thing is,


After that…

Last but not Least…

cr: Daebaksubs.com

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